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Superluna was founded in late 2016 as an international group of photographers. The idea came precisely on the 14/11/2016, day of the Super Moon phenomenon, hence the collective's name.

Our members come from around the world, all sharing the same passion and goal: to photograph candid scenes without necessarily subscribing to a single "street photography" style. We strive to embrace different interpretation of the genre, all within the framework of un-staged photos taken in public. From literal to surreal, with vivid colors or in black and white, we hope to show the beauty, humor and strangeness of everyday life.

Superluna is also committed to showcasing other photographers: submit your best images on our Flickr group Space Oddity for a chance of being interviewed on our website and featured on our Facebook page. We also have an Instagram page, tag your photos with #superlunacollective we are always looking for new inspired photographers.