roy rozanski

To consult the rules of composition before making a picture is a little like consulting the law of gravitation before going for a walk
— Edward Weston

Born and raised in Israel. My main “hunting ground” is Tel Aviv, which possessed a highly versatile street life packed full of different vibes, sounds and smells. This fact is impressive on its own especially for such a small city in comparison to some other big metropolis.

I am influenced and inspired by great photographers such as Martin Parr and Elliott Erwitt and I try my best to incorporate their style into my own photography. I am always looking to represent the street life through my own looking glass. In my personal photographic way I try to capture the light and motion at its colorful way. I don’t care much for compositional rules, leading lines and the rule of thirds. I am only interested in capturing a story or emotion in my shots. Shooting street photography is the most challenging type of photography in my mind, nothing is staged or rehearsed beforehand and you have to be at your top game when you wandering the street for that ‘decisive moment’ shot.

My camera has become an extension of me and sometimes reflects my inner soul more than just capturing others’ souls in the street.